Reflection: Rosa Garcia Quina

Rosa Marina Garcia Quina with Managing Director, Kay Sweeney

I am of a family of 6 children. My older brothers decided not to continue studying. They had the idea that studying was very difficult and that the privilege to study was only for people with a good life that lived in cities and not for people who lived in small villages.

When I started to study, I had no doubts that with my own work and the support of my parents, I would be able to obtain my high school degree. In 2002, I received my degree as an accountant. When I graduated, I was not able to find work in an institution or business. I continued to look for work in many institutions, but sadly, it was not possible, because they all told me that to get a job, I needed to have at least 2 to 3 years of work experience. Despite the weight of doing it, I continued to look in various institutions.

As I continued looking, I arrived at the Kateri Fund and told Carmela Paz Bal, Coordinator of the Fund, my situation. She gave me information about the possibility of applying for a position as an intern in the institution because I had the requirements that the institution asked.

Days later, I applied and in February, 2009 I had an interview with the Managing Director and Coordinator. At this interview I got the news that I had been waiting for for years. I was hired as a bookkeeper for the Fund.

In my work I have increased my knowledge every day. Before I started working in the Fund, I never had entered a bank or office to transact any business. I had no experience of these things. Actually now, I have learned to use the financial computer program, QuickBooks, with the help of the Managing Director, She has a lot of patience as she teaches me the program. I also have learned the program Excel in a course I took this year at INTECAP, a government program, with the economic aid of the Fund.

Now I am studying at the University the career of Public Accounting and Auditing. The Fund continues to help me improve myself.

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