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Faces of the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund: Gladys Macro Mux

Gladys Macro Mux

Gladys Macario Mux

Age: 20

Education: Accounting

Today, Gladys Macario Mux works in a business, where she buys and sells materials to make elaborate güipiles, which are then distributed to people that need them.

She used to work as an accountant for a small company where they made güipiles in a village near her community. When she was working for this company, she was able to practice her job skills and what she wanted to do. Unfortunately, the business owner is suffering from ill health and so far has suspended business activities.

Macario likes using what she learned in her studies in any activity she does. She hopes to soon return to university to study because she realizes that the education is necessary not only to broaden her knowledge but to help with finding employment.

Her quality of life is better now because she understands more and can better deal with situations that arise.

She studied with the support of her mother and the Kateri Fund. Macario’s father separated from her mother 20 years ago. Her mother raised Macario and her two brothers. Macario’s greatest desire is to help her mom.

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