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Giving Back this Thanksgiving!

Today Rosa Luc Miza is graduating from her school with a degree as an intercultural bi-lingual teacher. Rosa Luc studied at a school that focused on preparing young teachers. At her school she learned, “One ought to get along with everyone equally without discrimination. In school I shared many things with my classmates: sports, games, work in groups. I liked all the work in groups a lot, because we achieved many things together.”

Now that Rosa Luc is graduating, she will give back to her community and her family by becoming a teacher. When Rosa Luc reflected on her experience with the Kateri Education Fund she stated “In the Kateri Fund, I learned many things, sharing with my fellow participants that I didn’t know before. I met them through this fund and they come from other places. I liked the workshops a lot because they spoke of things that I didn’t know.”

In addition to the financial support that Kateri Education Fund scholarship recipients receive, each month the young women attend monthly workshops and events led by staff members and local experts. The workshops and events help provide the young women with career, economic and professional skills and develop sisterhood through social and cultural events. Graduates of the Kateri Education Fund provide additional mentorship support and often lead workshops, which empower both the past and present Kateri Education Fund recipients.

From November 23, 2011 to December 31, 2011, the Kateri Education Fund is participating in the Global Giving Winter Challenge online.

To make a donation to support young women like Rosa Luc check out the campaign at:


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