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Sewing with the Mujeres Clarenses of Santa Clara la Laguna

It was a busy year for theMission: Guatemala Women’s Groups. During 2011 the women participated in classes, micro-finance projects, learned to sew on machines, created gardens, and learned about nutrition.

Sewing with the Mujeres Clarenses

In 2010 the Mujeres Clarenses of Santa Clara la Laguna conducted a needs assessment under the guidance of the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund’s local staff members. During this assessment the women determined that they wanted to learn how to make “delantales”, a type of apron, on sewing machines. With the support of a donation from Sara Stephenson, the women were able to complete the first two in a series of four classes organized by the Fund.

During 2011, nine women in the Mujeres Clarenses group participated in a Sewing and Knitting Course. The women learned to use sewing machines and made aprons and gift bags. They also sewed hems for tablecloths, curtains, blouses, and other things. By creating items with the sewing machine, the women were able to save money on basic household items for their families.

Many of the women were interested in buying sewing machines. Funds from an Easter Egg Grant provided by the San Francisco Presentation Sisters and Eleanor Oakley, a longtime friend of the Fund, were being used as micro-credit loans. Through this Fund, six of the women were given a no-interest loan of Q800.00, which they used to buy their own sewing machines. By February 2012, five of the women had already repaid their loans. Currently eight women participating in the class have their own machines, which helps them to keep learning and saving because they no longer have to pay other people to sew their clothes.

Coming soon Health and Nutrition with the Women of Chumanzana…

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