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Meet this year’s Kateri Tekakwitha Fund Scholars from Solola

Juana Tuj Mazariegos the Solola Regional Project Leader is leading the seven scholars from the Solola region though this year’s workshops “Careers in Guatemala: How to Choose One and How to Secure a Job” .

Clara and Glenda writing letters to their sponsors

Meet the new scholars below:

Ana Karina Mazariegos Chachal plans to help the Fund after graduation and then study at the university. She is in her second year of studying for a secretarial career at the Escuela Nacional de Formacion Secretarial Numero Uno in the capital of Guatemala, Guatemala City.

Maria Josefina Chacom To is happy because she can continue studying with the help of the Fund. She is starting her career training at the high school level in bookkeeping in the Centro Educativo Comunitario CEDCOM, Santa Clara la Laguna, Solola.

Celia Sicay Perez is very happy because her family is in good health. She considers it a blessing that all of her family is struggling to move ahead and improve themselves. This year her greatest wish is to study and continue the struggle with enthusiasm. She desires success in her bookkeeping studies and hopes to make new friends who will work together to help each other. This is her last year of high school.

Sandra Cecilia Lopez Cojti reports that her family is enjoying good health. They all are studying in different grades. Her studies are very important for her because in the future she will be able to serve society better. Her goal this year is to get good grades-70% which is the average required by the Fund and higher. She is in 8th grade this year in the Escuela Normal Regional de Occidente in Novillero, Santa Lucia Utatlan, Solola.

Clara Elizabeth Ecomac To tells us that her father works as a baker in San Pedro la Laguna, a town near her village. He comes home every week end. Her mother is a housewife (soul of the house in Spanish) and dedicates herself to collecting firewood and preparing meals for her children. Clara’s studies are very important to her. She is in 8th grade.

Glenda Manuela Tum To is in 8th grade in the Instituto Nacional de Educacion Basica del Municipio de Santa Clara la Laguna. Her father does not have steady work. There are days when he finds work and others when he doesn’t. Her mother is a housewife and takes in laundry. She has a great desire to study and feels happy that she has the support of the Fund.

Dorcas Etelvina Garcia Vasquez is happy that the Fund gave its attention to her and included her in the scholarship group because her family couldn’t pay for her studies. Her father is a fieldworker and earns very little and there are many expenses for her studies. Her mother sometimes has the opportunity to take in laundry. She wants to get good grades this year, work hard, and reach her dream of being a professional. She is studying in 8th grade in the Instituto de Educacion Basica por Cooperativa in Santa Clara la Laguna.

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