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Meet this year’s Kateri Tekakwitha Fund Scholars from Chimaltenango

On January 15, 2012 this year’s scholars began their monthly meetings. This year, we welcomed seven new scholarship recipients and a new member to the staff, Candelaria Sut. Candelaria will be developing the workshops for the monthly meetings on the topic of “Careers in Guatemala.”

Ana and Paula making pulceras

Meet the scholars below:

Martina Chipix Yojero: (continuing student) Martina began her practice teaching on January 16 in a school located in her community. She will do a week of observation and then will begin to student teach with the children. Her family is made up of her brother, his wife, her mother and her sister. Her mother provides for the family because she does not have a father. Her mother works raising domestic animals.

Blanca Luisa Surec Umul: (new student 2012) Blanca is studying to complete a bachillerato (high school diploma) in the field of Tourism and Hospitality at a state run institution called “February 6th” located in Tecpan. She hopes that this career will lead to work in an industry with jobs available. Her family includes her mother, who weaves “guipiles” (blouses) to sell, and her father, who works in the fields. Her little sister will attend school this year for the first time, so there will only be one baby at home with her mother.

Paula Del Carmen Calí Xocop: (continuing student) Paula’s classes started on the 9th of January and she will be studying on a semester basis. Her mother had to give up her job working at a childcare center. Problems developed in the family because she wasn’t at home to watch over the family. Everyone at home is well.

Ana Florencia Chali Tuyuc (continuing student) Ana may be able to do her practice teaching music at a public school in her community, but this is not yet certain. This year she will be in her seminar class. Her family is all well. Her father works on a construction project, because he is a laborer, and her mother weaves guipiles, while her brothers all work in different institutions.

Mery Nineth Cun Apen: (continuing student) Mery is doing her practice teaching in a public school first grade class. During the first part of the year she will be working with the teacher doing planning, and then starting on January 16 she will start working directly with the children. Her family is well, but her parents are worried about the cost of living and the current situation.

María Berta Cristina Cux Notz: (continuing student) Cristina’s classes will begin on January 16. She may be doing her practice teaching in the capitol, teaching music with children. Her family is well. On January 2, her sister, who is religious, had her birthday and they celebrated with the family, which was a very happy occasion. She also shared that her niece will also begin to study music to be a music teacher, at the same school where she has been studying.

Edna Mishel Cutzal Bal: (continuing student) Her classes began on January 16. There will be a meeting for the parents first. Her family is well. The only problem is that her little brother had an accident in the fields when he cut himself with a machete. He went to the hospital for treatment, but unfortunately he will not regain the use of the finger that he cut.

Marianela Andrea Patzán Tubac: (continuing student) Her classes will begin on January 16. She is happy because this is her final year before graduation and she hopes to do her practice teaching in August. At the moment everything is going well. At home, the family is a little worried because her father is ill with his nerves, and his heart, but he is receiving medical treatment. The rest of the family is well.

Barbara Santa Silvia Tartón Chuy: (new student 2012) Barbara is studying a course to become a Clerical Secretary because she hopes to work in an office in the future. She will be studying on weekends.Her classes begin on January 27 and are held from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm. Her father works in the fields, planting and harvesting corn, and her mother works taking care of the home. All of her little brothers and sisters will be in school this year.

Reina Albertina Cuxil Tzaj: (new student 2012) Classes begin on January 20. She is pursuing a career as a primary school teacher. The school is located in Santa Cruz Balanya, not in her village. She likes this career choice because she likes to share knowledge with children. Her family is well and happy that she has received support from the Kateri Fund.

Francisca Abelina Sirin: (continuing student) Her classes will begin on January 16. She will find out then what will be included in this years studies. She likes the career she has chosen. Once she graduates she wants to help her parents, and study at the university. Her family is well, and very thankful to the Kateri Fund for the scholarship offered to her this year.

Ana Marilena Patzan Cuc: (continuing student) Her classes begin on January 23. She is both happy and nervous because this year may be more difficult. But she will give her all to pass her courses and learn everything she is taught. Her family is well and very happy because of the support for her studies.

Silvia Florentina Sian Quiej: (new student 2012) Her classes begin on January 16. She will study for a career in Tourism and Hospitality. She is anxious to get started, and hopes to successfully continue her studies so that she will be able to receive her scholarship all the way through graduation. She will do all she can in her studies to learn and succeed. Her family is well, and her brothers and sisters are all also in school this year.

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