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Notes from the May Scholarship Meeting

The creation of a mural from newspaper pictures added much excitment to the May scholarship meeting. The young women used all the knowledge they have gained so far this year about vocations and careers as their theme. It was a way to review what they have learned while having fun. They can enjoy their creation each time they attend a meeting and relive the fun and sharing of their collaboration.

Lily Garcia Alvarado was welcomed as a new scholar moving us closer to our goal of 20 young women on scholarship for the year. She is studying for a career in computer use in an office. She is in first year of this high school level career. She is from San Pedro Yepocapa in the state of Chimaltenango. She studies weekends and helps her mother selling refrescos during the week. She is enthusiastic about her studies and finds it interesting to explore and investigate with the computer.

The other students are all taking exams right now. Their studies move along and they are all working hard to keep their grades up.

In Francisca Sirin’s village, they celebrated their annual fair. They had religious activiites and a cultural night with many traditional songs, dances, etc. The last day, they had a parade and all the schools participated. They also had a soccer game and the young people, both boys and girls, took part.

Francisca and Sandra Lopez Cojti are both doing their student teaching. Francisca is really enjoying working with the 4th graders, but she says that you need to pay attention to the mischievous children who don’t want to work. Sandra is working with two grades, 3rd and 4th. It appears to her that the 3rd graders are more responsible than the 4th graders.

Barabara Tartan’s parents are very pleased because this is the last year of her career training. They are busy in the fields sowing corn to harvest at the end of the year. Barbara is a little worried because her grades have gone done so she plans to work harder to bring them up.

Reina Cuxil’s school celebrated Mothers’ Day in the municipal gymnasium in Chimaltenango. They presented a dance dressed up us little children and they sang songs. She enjoyed making marionettes in her Art Expression course during the month.

Marilena Patzan is busy studying to be a bi-lingual secretary weekends and during the week she works with her family harvesting peas. This year’s crop was a good one. Some they will sell for export and the rest they will sell in the local market.

The girls as always are busy and working hard to fulfill all their responsibilities.

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