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The girls are back in town!

As many of you know, Kay has spent the last month in Guatemala working on various projects and the transition of the organization. What you may not know is that we also had someone from the U.S travel down to join Kay for a week. She is considering volunteering for a year to accompany the “Asociacion” through this period of transition. She visited the various projects and liked what she saw. If all continues to move forward positively, she will travel to Guatemala in June of this year. She will be a big help for the Staff to keep them on track as they become fully responsible for the programs.

Sandra Cecilia – dreams of being a doctor
Clara Loyda – studying to be a bi-lingual secretary

We’re happy to announce she and Kay are both back, and our shop in Pacifica is again open for business. You can find us at 830 Rosita Rd in Pacifica, and we are even open on weekends! Stop by and take a look at our lovely handcrafted jewelry, unique scarves and other authentic Guatemalan ornaments.

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