Since its establishment in 1997, the Kateri Education Fund has provided financial assistance to 60 girls and young women. With the financial support of the Kateri Education Fund, girls and young women are able to stay in school and complete their education beyond elementary school. Kateri Education Fund graduates have gone on to pursue careers in accounting, teaching, nursing, music and the arts, and business. 

The Kateri Education Fund is made up of three components:

1) the Scholarship Fund,

2) the Writing Program, and

3) an Internship Program.


The Scholarship Fund allows women to remain in school beyond elementary school by providing financial support for them. This is the center of the Fund program. To apply for a scholarship, women submit an application letter, a career and education history, and two letters of recommendation. To remain eligible, recipients must maintain an average of 70% or better at a recognized school. The scholarship recipients are required to attend monthly workshops and events led by staff members and local experts. The workshops and events help provide the young women with career, economic and professional skills, and develop sisterhood through social and cultural events. Graduates of the Kateri Education Fund provide additional mentorship support and lead workshops, which empower all those involved in the program.


The Indigenous women of Guatemala speak 21 different regional languages. For many of these young women, the only time they speak or write Spanish is at school. The Kateri Education Fund developed the Writing Program to help these young women improve their writing skills. These skills are critical to their future careers. During monthly meetings, staff members coach the young women as they write letters to their sponsors. They use these letters as a way to learn how to better express themselves in Spanish.