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The microloan program began as a way to support a group of women in Santa Clara la Laguna, Through the program, the women were able to learn to make "delantales," a type of apron, and some were able to purchase sewing machines.

Since then, the microloan program has expanded to support women in both Santa Clara la Laguna and Chumanzana. Through small loans of $100, the women are able to build businesses, buy livestock, expands gardens and more. These actions increase their financial stability and allow them to better support their families.


Maria Cecilia works on one of the sewing machines purchased through the program.

With the help of a loan, Isabela was able to buy her first flock of chickens. Now she has eggs for her family, as well as eggs to sell for additional income.

Dona Luisa.png

By participating in the program, Doña Luisa was able to get access to capital to stock her food cart, supporting her business.

Maria and Josefa used funds from the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund Microloan program to build up their vegetable garden, which produces healthy food for them to eat. 

Maria and Josefa.png

After receiving a loan, Sebastiana was able to buy a pig to support her family.

Tomasa was able to buy thread for her weaving business, helping her to provide for her family.

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