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Our Team

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Carmela Paz Bal


Carmela is responsible for the internship program and also oversees the staff. She was the first young woman helped by the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund.

Previously she has worked as a teacher, as well as for a variety of governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations.

Candelaria Sut

Director of the Women's Development Program

Candelaria began working as an intern with the Kateria Tekakwitha Fund in 2009 and became a permanent employee the following year.

She oversees the Women's Development Program and also serves as the Fund's secretary.

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Rosa García


Rosa has been working as bookkeeper for the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund since 2009. She is currently furthering her studies in accounting at Mariano Gálvez University.

Karyn Choy

Scholarship Program Mentor

Karyn is a nurse who serves as mentor to the students in the Healthcare Scholarship program. Using her experience in the field, she provides advice and encouragement around education, career, and other topics.


Board of Directors

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Kay Sweeney

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Yvonne Lorvan

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Anne De Jarnatt

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Rosa García Quino

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Sister Rita Menart


Melissa Vlach

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Marta Xicay Gomez

Junta Directiva

Rosa Garcia.JPG

Rosa García Quino

Candelaria Jacque1.jpg

Candelaria Sut

foto,Carmela, julio22_edited_edited_edit

Carmela Paz Bal

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Alicia Catu de Pinada

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Catarina Atz

Deysi Simon Bal.png

Deysi Simon Bal

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Emilsa Peren

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