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Women of Chumanzana

The Mission: Guatemala project began as a way to help a group of weavers in Chumanzana, a town in Chichicastenango, to sell their products in the United States. Over the years the program has evolved to provide various resources for the women in the town, including classes about gardening, cooking, and health.

Josefa Tomasa y Maria estan limpiando su huerto.JPG
Manuela esta feliz  preparando el foliar.JPG
Tomasa esta feliz en su huerto porque tiene variedades de hiervas y cilantro_.jpeg
Entrega de Pilones a Manuela.jpeg
Las nuevas integrantes y sus herramientas, una de ellas no pudo asistir por motivo de salu

Family Gardens

Over time the women have worked to create raised bed gardens, allowing them to grow vegetables in small spaces and provide nutritious food for their families.

The newest part of this project involves growing mushrooms, in addition to the other vegetables in their gardens. Although the implementation of this project was delayed by the Covid pandemic, they are now continuing to implement this project.

Below, hear from some of the women who have been involved in the gardening project.

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