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Meet Florinda Catarina García Sapón

Flory is a friendly, outgoing young women, who unfortunately faced physical and emotional abuse as a child after the death of her mother. When she was old enough, she found work to escape from her abusive situation. Over time she received support and psychological support from a variety of people in her life. 


She worked in a clothing store to support herself and attended junior high classes for adults on Saturdays. When she graduated from junior high, she did not feel ready to start career training, so with the support of a Kateri scholarship, she took a high school course in Science and Letters to be better prepared. She received glowing reports from her teachers and graduated in 2015 ready to move on.


In 2016, at 32 years old, she started training as a nurse’s aide. She traveled three hours to her weekend classes. The career was a challenge and she devoted herself to doing the written work, the exams, and laboratories which she needed to conquer. For the last three years, she has been working in a Health Center in Panajachel Guatemala realizing her goal of finishing her education and being able to support herself with a permanent job. A long road on which the Kateri Fund walked with her since junior high.

2015 Graduate Florina Catarina García Sapón

Meet Rosa Luc

Rosa Luc graduated in October, 2011 with a teaching certificate. She made the following comments about her experiences while a part of the Kateri Education Fund:

"This year, I had many experiences with the children. I learned to get along with everyone equally without discrimination. In school, I shared many things with my classmates: sports, games, and work in groups. I liked all the group work a lot, because we achieved many things together." 

"In the Kateri Fund, I learned many things, sharing with my fellow participants. I met them through the Fund. They come from other places in Guatemala. I liked the workshops the Fund provided a lot because they spoke of things that I didn’t know." Because of your help, I will graduate as an intercultural bi-lingual teacher. I hope to continue collaborating with the Fund because it has aided many young women as they get their degree." 

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2011 Graduate Rosa Luc
San Jose Poaquil, Chimaltenengo

Meet Maria Delfina Sotz Catú

María Delfina Sotz Catú works as a nurse in one of the state’s largest hospitals, which serves people from all over the region, many with illnesses that require a specialist’s attention. As a nurse, María Delfina has more career opportunities than she had when she was looking for work as a business secretary and she enjoys her career. María Delfina’s patients often arrive at the hospital very ill and needing special attention to ease their pain and she enjoys helping them get better. 

However, for María Delfina, the best part of her education and career is that she is able to stay united with her family. Her father works in the United States, but the rest of her family- her mother, her five siblings, and María Delfina are able to stay together. María Delfina hopes that her father will be able to return to them soon. 

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2010 Graduate Maria Delfina Sotz Catu
San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenengo

Meet Lucia Telon 

Luciana is another 2011 graduate, her comments about her experience is below. "Thanks to God first, to my mother, and to the Kateri Fund, I have reached my goal. It is a great happiness and satisfaction for me to have the title of an elementary school teacher. I hope to find a job in a school to exercise my profession and help my family. I am very happy because, during my years of study, many things have happened. There have been many obstacles, loss of hope, and difficulties, but above all I confronted these problems and I am about to finish my last year of career study and my practice teaching with the children." "I liked it all. It was where I could evaluate my disabilities, my distresses, and capacities in order to improve and overcome them and to be more secure in my development for the future. Thanks to the Kateri Fund for the opportunity and for giving me the space to be part of this program.

I thank you with all my heart for the friendship, affection, love, and above all the aid as I finish this phase of my studies. I lack only a little to realize my dream. It was only possible with your aid."

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2011 Graduate Lucia Telon
San Jose Poaquil, Chimaltenengo

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