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2019 Angel of the Year Award

This year the Board has chosen Crystal and Karl Radnitzer as the awardees. They write about their association with the Fund and their reasons for their support below.

“God has blessed us abundantly through our work as an education administrator & a physician. Because of His generosity, we are delighted to be able to pass His blessings along to others through our calling as foster parents, in elder care, and supporting educational opportunities.

​"We first learned about the Kateri Education Fund when Kay Sweeney and Crystal’s mother, Sara Stephenson, visited us in central Illinois almost 20 years ago.

"We were inspired by the idea that by providing financial support so girls in Guatemala are able to complete their education, these young women would then be able to obtain adequate employment and, in turn, be able to support their own children and families. Not only does education and employment improve the living situation of these women but as the women’s confidence rises, they are able to be leaders in their own communities.

"It is exciting to see the early graduates of the program involved in running many of the programs and in teaching and inspiring the younger women. We have also been impressed by the vision that has inspired the additional KateriEducation programs for the women of Guatemala like the organic gardening classes, and sewing classes

"We believe that aid to developing countries is most effective in the hands of small independent local organizations rather than through large bureaucratic ones. Our enthusiasm for what this program is accomplishing in the lives of women in Guatemala grows every time we receive a newsletter with updates about their activities. We are privileged to partner with the Kateri Education Fund.

"Thank you for the honor of this recognition!

"God has been very good to us and we are happy that we are able to share financial blessings with others.”


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