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Get to Know the 2024 Interns

Our 2024 interns are midway through their internships and have already learned a lot. Learn more about this group of young women and the work they're doing.

A young woman stands in a garden


Daniela is working as an assistant secretary at the Institute of Basic Education, part of the ChukMuk community cooperative. The role is a dynamic one, which allows her to jump into various activities and work with both students and teachers. She has helped with special events, such as Mother's Day, and athletic competitions. She is also coaching soccer, something which she greatly enjoys.

Aside from hands-on activities, Daniela assists with data entry and office tasks. She hopes to learn more about accounting as she looks ahead to her future career.

A young woman sits on a patio


Floridalma is completing her internship at a credit and savings cooperative, where she is working as a secretary and customer service assistant. Throughout the year she has been learning procedures and has progressively been given more responsibilities. Her manager makes a point of assigning tasks that will increase her knowledge and help her develop new skills.

A young woman sits on a swing


Ingrid is working at a nonprofit organization focused on women. She is supported by her family and hopes to continue working in this field in the future.

A young woman stands in a garden


Mishel is spending her internship as a pre-primary group assistant at the Chuk Muk school. She works closely with the children, who have a great affection for her. Her fellow staff members appreciate her work ethic and team spirit. She leads a lot of activities with the children and spent extra hours participating in an anti-pollution program for the nearby lake.

Mishel has also spent time trying to improve her Tz'utujil language skills in order to better communicate with students and parents. She is also completing university studies at the same time as her internship. "I know that each day I am growing and lifting up my wings to fly higher like the hummingbirds," she shared.

A young woman sits in front of Lake Atitlán


Laura is working as an assistant and support at a community health center. Her tasks include working in the office, organizing medications and supplies, and also going to pick people up for their appointments. She tries to be a comfort to patients, especially babies who get fussy when they have to get shots. She says that the internship is helping her to feel more independent and believe that she can overcome obstacles.

A young woman sits in a garden


Paula's internship is taking places at a credit cooperative, where she is working as a cashier and customer service assistant. Her work requires a great deal of accuracy as she works with clients on their financial transactions. She has been working to learn about interest rates and the procedures of the organization. She is also trying to acquire knowledge about agricultural products, as many clients work in this field. She hopes to continue as a cashier after her internship.

A young woman sits on a patio


Yensi is completing her internship as an accounting clerk at Compartiendo Sueños, a nonprofit organization that works with kids and seniors. In addition to her accounting duties, she is able to assist with activities, such as physical therapy and story-telling. She is dedicated to improving her skills in order to help others.


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