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Get to Know Flory

Flory has had to persevere to overcome many obstacles in her life.

Flory has a history full of violence, but has found many willing to help. Her mother died when she was a year old. She was left with no one to protect her. She was mistreated physically and psychologically by her family, but despite her suffering, she is a friendly, outgoing young woman.

 When she was old enough, she found work to escape from her abusive situation. The family where she worked, gave her support as she healed. At 23, she went to live with a religious community. She received psychological help and studied. When she was ready to go on her own, a teacher gave her room and board. She worked in a clothing store to support herself and attended junior high classes for adults on Saturdays.


When she graduated from junior high, she did not feel ready to start career training, so with the support of a Kateri scholarship, she took a high school course in Science and Letters to be better prepared. She received glowing reports from her teachers and graduated in 2015 ready to move on.

In 2016, at 32 years old, she started training as a nurse’s aide. She traveled three hours to her weekend classes. The career was a challenge and she devoted herself to doing the written work, the exams, and the laboratories which she needed to conquer.

For the last three years, she has been working in a Health Center in Panajachel, Guatemala, realizing her goal of finishing her education and being able to support herself with a permanent job. It has been a long road on which the Kateri Fund walked with her since junior high.

Investing in young women like Flory, is what you, our donors, make possible.

A nurse examines a patients foot
Flory assists a patient


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