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Support Nurses in Guatemala

A group of nursing students in Guatemala
Sandra with her classmates

For just a few days, you have the opportunity to support women studying nursing and get your donations matched at 50%. Donations to the September 2023 Little by Little Campaign can be multiplied to better support women working to attain their goals of working in the nursing field.

Sandra is one participant currently in the program. Thanks to previous donations, she was able to purchase necessary supplies that are required for the program. She recently wrote a letter to her donors expressing her gratitude:

"Thank God for putting people like you and the entire foundation in my path.

"I want to express my deep gratitude for the generosity of the foundation, that has always thought about our well-being, supporting our desire to be professional people and to provide quality of life to our society. You have always been with me in the years of study. I always had a future goal that was to be able to provide my services in my community.

"Thank you very much for the donation you gave me for the purchase of my necessary nursing equipment. Once again you have given me what is indispensable to a nurse in her practice. Believe me that I will use it well. I know how to take advantage of these opportunities. Unfortunately, I did not have a complete nurses' kit so when people came to me for help, I was not able to provide attention due to the lack of equipment.

"I am happy for the blessings received. In these years of study, I will give my best. I am getting closer to the goal. For now, I thought I could start a sale of medicine starting with the basics and most common to be able to use my resources. It is a medium-term goal. I will start little by little so that in a few years when I graduate, it can already be a formal pharmacy. Every beginning is difficult, but I know that nothing is impossible when you set goals.

"Thank you for your support."

A group of medical professionals gives a presentation in Guatemala
Sandra at work during her nursing studies

As you can see, your donations make a real impact in Sandra's life, and in the lives of other women working hard to achieve their dreams. If you give between now and September 22, those dollars will go further and will be able to support more women in Guatemala.

Thank you for your generosity!


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