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Meet the Directiva

The Junta Directiva is the leadership team of the Asociación Kateri Tekakwitha, the Guatemalan side of the nonprofit. (The Kateri Tekakwitha Fund has nonprofit status in both the United States and Guatemala.)

The women on the Directiva are primarily former participants in the Fund’s programs. They provide oversight and direction, helping to build programs that respond to needs in the community. Below, learn more about the members of the Directiva.

Directiva President Rosa García Quino

President: Rosa García Quino

Rosa works in the finance department of a small city. She studied accounting and serves as a part-time bookkeeper for the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund, in addition to her full-time work. She also recently joined the U.S.-based Board of Directors, providing a stronger link between the two governing boards. She believes in sharing knowledge to help others.

Vice President: Candelaria Sut

Candelaria is on staff as Director of the Women’s Development Program, in addition to her role on the Directiva. Through this role, she has worked with women on various community-building initiatives, including gardening projects and microloan programs.

Treasurer: Carmela Paz Bal

Carmela graduated from the Universidad de San Carlos with a degree in anthropology. She was the first recipient of a Kateri Fund scholarship. She now oversees the Fund’s internship program. She hopes that all women who participate in Kateri programs are able to improve their quality of life.

Vocal I: Alicia Catu de Pinada

Alicia is a teacher in her hometown, after receiving a Kateri Fund scholarship to support her studies. She has volunteered to lead workshops for the women participating in the programs.

Secretary: Catarina Atz

Catarina is also a teacher. She has six children, with the oldest currently studying medicine. She acknowledges that education has changed her own life, so she supports the Kateri Fund in order to do the same for others.

Vocal II: Deysi Simon Bal

Deysi completed a Kateri internship in an accounting office, then decided to go to university, where she is currently continuing her studies. She hopes to support other women by continuing her involvement with the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund.

Vocal III: Emilsa Peren

Emilsa is a teacher. She has previously led workshops for Kateri scholarship recipients as well. She hopes that women who participate in the Kateri programs are able to use their knowledge and skills in the workforce.

All of these women provide invaluable service to the work of the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund. In 2024, we hope to be able to provide more capacity-building opportunities so that they can develop their skills and continue their work as community leaders.


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